Mens 6th Team
Sun 25 Feb 2024  ·  Moor & Dale Men's Division 1
Bradford 2
City of York Hockey Club
Mens 6th Team
M6s vs Bradford 2s

M6s vs Bradford 2s

Kieran Ledwell27 Feb - 21:36
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written by Matt Marshall

Following on from a rousing victory (match report pending from Ben) away in sunny Wakefield, City of York Mighty 6’s find themselves deep within enemy territory, namely, Bradford, for a chilly Sunday bout. (authors note: somehow Kieran managed to avoid DoD for this scheduling catastrophe) Feeling slightly less Mighty than usual, the 6’s creaked and groined through a much-needed warm-up, all members accounted for, with the exception of Rob, turning up a whole 5 minutes prior to the starting whistle!
From the outset, it was apparent the 6s had an uphill battle, still suffering wounds from the previous day, and up against a somewhat loaded Bradford team. Despite the best efforts of the York defence, Bradford managed an early break leading to the first ‘questionable’ decision of the day, a goal in Bradfords favour, complete with footwork Messi would be proud of! To the home teams’ credit, the umpire's decision was quickly overruled and the play continued with a 16 to York. This celebration would be short-lived as Bradford quickly regained possession and claimed the first legitimate goal of the day.
Not happy with the state of the scoreline York were quick to retaliate, with some effective passing up the field finding top right, York managed the first of many shots on target, leading to our second ‘questionable’ decision of the day… despite being blocked by a defenders foot, a short corner was awarded. Failing to capitalise, the score remained 1-0.
This would not be the first example of grievous wrongdoing to the visiting York side, as even before the halftime whistle, York would see a further 2 shots on target deflected in dubious manners by the Bradford defence, not a single flick awarded to York.
Speaking of things being dubious in Bradford, there were some rather floral notes in the air observed from the subs bench, perhaps this is to blame for some of the ambiguous umpiring decisions throughout the game?
Unfortunately, Matt Marshall failed to take note of Saturday’s blunder and once again decided to take the ball for a good stroll up the field, finding himself at the halfway line and handing the ball back to Bradford, without the necessary pace to get back into position and leaving the defence a man short, the home side managed another goal. 2-0 to Bradford.
Bradford looking to cement their victory managed the 3rd and final goal of the game after York failed to adapt to the wise words from Rob, leaving the defence and mids somewhat confused and patchy in their positioning. Bradford found the holes in our Swiss cheese formation, slotting a ball to the patiently waiting no. 9. Final score 3-0 to the home team defenders.
Honourable mentions go to our youngsters for the day Ernie, Murphy, and Oli, all putting in solid shifts, despite multiple setups from Allo, Rob, Bedders and Sam York failed to find the back of the net. MoM however goes to Gordy for relentless harassment in the midfield, slowing the rapid advance from Bradford.
Many thanks go to our honorary 6’s for the day, Tom, JP & Rob for providing some much-needed respite for the weary regulars! Apologies to Brian, who we dragged all the way to Bradford and then failed to award him with a clean sheet!
DoD to Matt Marshall for, as previously mentioned, failing to learn from my mistakes and forgetting I’m no longer in my twenties… and apologies if any of the details are a bit woolly, my brain stopped working shortly after the half time whistle!

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